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Welcome to the Pokemon Moves Claiming Community!

Here's your chance to build a unique LJ Pokemon moveset for yourself! All you have to do to start off is read the rules and join! The rules can be found listed later on in the user info.

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Visit the Move Tutor - Claim the moves you want!
Visit the Move Deleter - Forget the moves you no longer want!
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The Rules

Part 1: Claiming
In order to claim your Pokemon moves, go visit the Move Tutor! Comment on the Move Tutor post in order to request your claims. Once you have joined the community (you do not need to have pkmnmoveclaims on your Friends list), you are allowed to claim up to FOUR (4) Pokemon moves from the Tier 1 list that have not yet been claimed to make up your LJ moveset. You do not need to claim four moves, and you are entirely welcome to claim any combination of moves you like. If you do not claim a total of four moves, you may make additional claims in the future until you have a total of four move claims. At any time, you may only claim moves from Tiers that you have earned clearance to claim from. At any time, you may only claim moves that are not currently claimed by someone else.

Part 2: Relinquishing
If you wish to relinquish any of your move claims, go visit the Move Deleter! Comment on the Move Deleter post in order to request that your claim be terminated and that the move(s) be made available for a new claim. You do not have to relinquish all of your move claims at once. If a claim of yours has been terminated, you may request to claim another move to replace it, but remember that you are only allowed a total of FOUR (4) moves.

Part 3: Move Tiers
The Pokemon moves have been organized, divided, and sorted into different Tiers. The Tiers are ranked by number, and initially, you may only claim moves from the Tier 1 list. You may be granted access to higher Tiers through various means, and your current ranking will be kept track of. When you make a claim on a move in a higher Tier, your ranking will be checked in order to verify that you are able to make the claim.

Part 4: Advancement
There are varous means of enhancement by which you can earn the right to claim moves of higher Tiers. The most common mode of advancement is that of participation in the contests that will be held periodically on the community. Therefore, if you wish to gather up moves of higher Tiers for your unique LJ Pokemon moveset, it could be beneficial to you (but still optional) to keep pkmnmoveclaims on your Friends list. Also, a moderator may recognize you if you help the community in some way, such as recruiting members, or frequent posting to promote activity in the community. If recognized by a moderator, he/she will upgrade your ranking, allowing you to claim from higher Tiers. By the same merit, it is also possible to lose your gained status if a moderator notices you acting inappropriately when posting on this community.

Part 5: Contests
Contests in this community will be held frequently, as to provide plenty of opportunities for members to advance in their ranking. If you notice or feel that a contest has not been held in a substantial amount of time, you are welcome to ask a moderator to start a new contest. The contest results are judged by the moderator(s), unless voting by members is specified as an aspect of that particular contest. The winner(s) of the contest will be rewarded with a boost in ranking or a free claim for a higher Tier (or both), depending on the relative difficulty of the contest as determined by the moderator(s).

Part 6: Prize Claims
Sometimes, you may win a prize claim in a community contest. A prize claim is a move from a higher Tier that is offered up as an award for winning a contest. You may recieve prize claims regardless of your current rank and the move's Tier. Prize claims will be specially marked on the claims list as such. If you delete a prize claim that you've previously won, but you do not have claiming access to its Tier, then you will not be allowed to reclaim the move (unless you increase your rank so that you have access to its Tier). When recieving a prize claim, if you already have four claims you must choose one of your previous claims to be deleted in order to make room for the prize claim.

The Update Clause
As the need arises, the rules stated above may be changed. If this occurs, a post will be made by a moderator in order to inform everyone of the change. For all new members, please remember to read all of the rules before requesting your claims.


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